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Salt Rocks | Salt of the Earth Inc


Salt Rocks is a specialized division from Salt of the Earth, providing hospitality and revenue generating event production services for the corporate client.


 Increases Value for Corporate Events by:

- Strategicaly Growing Guest Expenditures

- Maximizing Revenue Opportunities

- Enhancing Patron Hospitality


Revenue Growth Services:

- VIP Lounge to Deliver Higher Ticket Pricing Points

- Priority VIP Services, Including: Show Tickets & Food and Beverage Packages

- Ancillary Branded Food and Beverage Point of Sale

- Ancillary Branded Merchandising Point of Sale Group Ticket Sales

- Group Ticket Sales Including Food and Beverage Packages


Hospitality Services:

- Designer Green Rooms

- VIP Suite Experiences

- On-Site/Off-Site Concession Contracts (Long-Term Availability)

- Off-Site Mobile Hospitality Productions

- Off-Site Restaurant Design and Operation

- Customized Food and Beverage Menus


Salt Rocks Corporate Clients:

- ABC, BBC, CBS Studios, NBC, Bravo, Interscope Records

- Live Nation, National Geographic, Red Bull, Toyota

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